Sunday, February 10, 2008

Painting over Red

Painting over Red.
Well here we go again another client that wants to paint over there red walls. It seems that the color red has run its course for interior walls and people are getting tired of it. I think most people don't know how a color is going to affect them of course until they get it on there walls.
I have been painting for many years and I will always paint what the client wants, but, I also like to help them select the colors and warn them about the strong effect of certain colors.
I know as a painter I'm suppose to like most colors, and I do, but after many years of painting I have come to some conclusions.
One is that colors can make a profound effect on our emotions, and we should never under estimate this.
For instance have you ever wondered why most fast food restaurants are painted bright red with yellow mixed in?
This is my feeling. Red is an alarming color, it can make you feel like you need to rush. Just this feeling along is enough to warn us. Red is the color of most emergency equipment in use.
Now I do love the color red like all strong colors, but remember when we are painting the interior of your home you don't want the walls to scream louder than your furniture.
I really think that interior colors on walls are the single best way to enhance your living space. Even if you only have one piece of furniture in your home. The colors you use will be the back drop.
Remember when they use to paint the interior of hospitals white through out.
I think we are only starting to realize the impact of colors in our life, and I for one will be interested in what else the right color can do for the good of all of us.