Sunday, December 30, 2007

Start the new year off right.

Well if you’re like most people this time of year you are spending a lot of time indoors. All this indoor living can get old if you haven’t renewed the colors on you walls.
This time of year is a great time to repaint the interior walls to add some new colors to you home. Sometimes you can just repaint your living room and really make a difference. You can also pick the room you spend a lot of time in.
I spend a lot of time in the kitchen so I really want my kitchen to wake me up with some bright colors.
For some reason we really don't understand why, some colors make us feel more upbeat, and some can make you feel not so upbeat.
I have found that some gold /yellow colors are great for bringing out a good mood. I really don’t mind some orange colors if they are the right tone, but only in certain rooms like the kitchen. Sometimes just the smallest changes in these colors will make a big difference. It’s kind of like tuning and old TV set, you’re either right on or way off.

If you would like some help updating the color in your home feel free to give me a call and I would be glad to help you out. I have been painting interior colors since 1993 when I started my business.

Monday, December 24, 2007

What tools I carry in my pockets.

The tools I carry in my pockets are the one's I really can't do without for sure.

1.Swiss army knife with a flat tip screw driver blade, bottle opener,leather punch that I use to put small holes in all kind of things, and a regular knife blade.
This one tool is the tool I really can't do without.

2. I carry a small scraper that is about 7 inches long with a 1 inch blade that I keep razor sharp, and yes I have cut myself on it before. This tool is great for removing old caulk,scraping paint,smoothing areas for painting.

3. I carry one three inch wornout oil brush for a dust brush.This comes in handy when your on a ladder up 25 feet and need to dust off something before painting.

4. One clean rag in my back pocket.

5.One utility knife with a new blade.

If your going to paint a house you need to get use to your tools, and remember to put them in your pockets.

I hope this has helped you.
John Howell